beauty: irritated legs remedy

irritated legs remedy

For as long as I can remember, I’ve really struggled with itchy legs. It’s not glamorous by any means but it’s something that has driven me nuts for years. I’m not sure what causes it, but it’s most likely linked to shaving. Seeing as I showed a whole lotta leg in yesterdays post, and have recently seemed to have busted the itch,  I thought I’d share my tips with you as I know a few people suffer as well!


First up, when I shave my legs I’ve started to use King Of Shaves gel. I used to use normal shower gel, but this makes a huge difference. I haven’t a clue what it does differently – whether it is more hydrating or protects the skin better, but it works. My second change was to get a new razor. I was kindly gifted the BIC Soleil Shave & Trim* which are designed for the bikini line, but also work wonders on my legs. A good quality, sharp razor is key for me in avoiding itchiness.


The last product I’ve been using to combat irritated legs is the Aveeno Daily Moisturing Lotion which was recommended to me on Twitter. I used to work with the brand so I’ve loved it for a while, but this is hands down the best moisturiser I’ve used. Not only does it really nourish, it dries super fast with instant softening effects. Since using it in conjunction with my new shaving routine, I’ve had minimal itching. I think I’m on to something!

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