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It’s not often I go back to the same things – I’m fickle by nature and not really a creature of habit. If I can find a different route to take or a different area to explore, I will – so when I realised that this week I’d stocked up on 3 of the items above, and they were purchases I’ve made time and time again, I was finally inspired to write a post!


I live in a sea of beauty products – more than any one person would ever need (yet never seem to have enough shower gel), but pictured above are my tried and tested favourites. Starting on the left, the least glamorous of the bunch – my go-to deodorant. I’m a cream girl through and through – I can’t be doing with waiting for a roll on to dry and sprays don’t quite cut it, so this Sure Maximum Protection is my ultimate. It’s not cheap (around £5) but it does exactly what I need it to!


If you watch my YouTube channel, you’ll know smudged mascara is a real issue I face. The only mascara that really hits the nail on the head is Lancome’s offerings – I’m a huge fan of the Hypnose Drama for volume and length, as well as zero panda eyes.


For falsies, it’s got to be the notorious Ardell Demi Wispies. These are understated glamour – not outrageous but fluttery and pretty enough for weddings or a night out. They add instant oomph to any smokey eye and the vein is so thin and undetectable, they’re a beaut to wear.


I’ve got two hair products that I keep bobbing back to and the first is the Sassoon Diamond Polish Serum which I’ve mentionned a few times before. It’s a gorgeous heat protecting serum which nourishes my frazzled locks. I couldn’t be without it!


I’m a great believer in higher-end hair products, but when I want something cheap and cheerful, I slather my locks in Aussie’s infamous 3 Minute Miracle. It does the job for a quick boost and doesn’t cost the earth.


And to finish up, love it or hate it – for me, Bioderma Micelle Solution is a staple. I use it post cleanse to remove the remainder of my eye make up or lip product, and it whips it all away with zero trace or bad taste. It doesn’t sting and it lasts forever. I’m so glad it’s more readily available in the UK now!


What are your most repurchased products?


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