make up: mac stereo rose dupe

mac stereo rose dupe

It’s not often I’ll find a make up ‘dupe’ – and this was purely by chance that when looking for something else, I realised how similar these two products were. The more high-end product is the much coveted Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in Stereo Rose which goes for a fair few quid on eBay these days and is generally hard to get hold of. It’s a terracotta rose highlight powder, which I like to think of as a blush/highlighter hybrid.


Admittedly, the dupe I’ve come across isn’t readily available in the UK. It’s from the brand Milani which is easily available in the US, but we can get it online if you have a hunt around in the UK (try Amazon!). The product is their Baked Blush and the shade is Rose D’Ore. Luminoso is their best know, which is very similar but just a bit lighter – Rose D’Ore has that slight terracotta touch which brings it more into the realms of Stereo Rose. When swatched, Stereo Rose is ever so slightly more orange and a touch less pigmented as it isn’t meant to be a full blush, but they are incredibly similar in quality as well as colour. The Milani Baked Blushes are around $6 so a real bargain compared to the £40 Stereo Rose is currently going for on eBay… worth a look!

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