beauty: 4 face masks you need to try

current facemask offeringFrom time to time, you just lose your glow. I’m most definitely feeling that right now  – my skins suffering from a week of too much cake, my hair’s ratty and needs a damn good cut and I’m just feeling a bit of a wreck. One of my first port of calls is a bath and a face mask, and here are my top picks.


First up, two that I group together as the ‘rejuvenators’. Elemis’ Papaya Enzyme Peel and Ren’s Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Masks are both tip top at taking away the top layer of rubbish that’s sitting on my skin. They work in slightly different ways – Elemis use natural exfoliating fruit enzymes, and Ren use the infamous Glycolactic Acid to refresh the skin. I reviewed the Ren mask in full here but both give an amazing soft and supple feeling to refreshed skin. Great for skin that’s a little worked up and looking dull.


Next up is one you might not think an oily skinned gal would need, but I do infact have quite dehydrated skin (hence the excess oil production) so Origin’s Drink Up mask is a winner at replenishing the moisture I’ve lost. This isn’t the overnight version as I’d rather not sleep in a mask, but this is really fab for a quick boost of hydration to my skin.


And finally, the biggest saving grace – Origin’s Out Of Trouble mask. And it is just that! My skin is definitely giving me trouble right now, and in essence, this is a mask for when you’re spotty! It’s a clay mask which means it sorts out all your impurities. It’s natural ingredients of Zinc Oxide and Sulfur, as well as Camphor get to work on your spots to clean them out, soothe the skin and keep oil at bay. This is a god send for angry spotty skin and the one I will be popping on tonight!


What’s in your face mask rotation?

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