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It’s not often I get excited about lower-end haircare. My hair is a force to be reckoned with, and it needs some serious TLC at the best of times. But when I gathered this little collection of products from the new Garnier range together, I was pretty impressed.


Garnier are currently launching their Ultimate Blends range which I’ve seen all over YouTube and in stores. It’s just a new range of haircare really, but after dabbling in the oil originally as a cheaper alternative to my usual Moroccanoil and Sassoon serum, and finding my hair was feeling the best it had in a while, I decided I’d scoop up the full set. I actually got the shampoo and conditioner for £1.93 in Superdrug on special offer (alternatively the whole range is on 3 for 2 in Boots at the moment) – I always like how new launches are often cheaper!


There are a couple of ranges in the new launch, so I went for The Sleek Restorer, as it says it’s aimed at dry, frizzy hair which mine certainly is. Saying that, I could have easily gone for the other one which was geared to dry, damaged hair. This particular one contains coconut oil and cocoa butter, and we know how good both of those are at hydrating.


The shampoo gives my hair a good scrub, leaving it shiny and feeling refreshed, whilst the conditioner and oil inject a much needed moisture boost into my locks. My hair feels and looks so much healthier after a wash with this range and for a drugstore range, it’s pretty darn good! Worth a peak if your suffer with dry, split ends and lack lustre locks.


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