make up: inglot 5 pan freedom system palette

inglot 5 pan palette

inglot 5 pan palette 2

inglot colours


Following on from yesterday’s High End Make Up Haul video, where I showed you this gorgeous Inglot palette – I decided to take the opportunity to demonstrate it in more depth in a post. I believe Inglot are a Spanish brand (it’s hard to find out so correct me if i’m wrong!), with a stand-alone store in Westfield, Shepherd’s Bush. I popped in to pick up a pro card (20% for MUA’s), and got sucked into buying a palette to try out.


The Freedom System allows you to fill your own palettes, whether they be shadows, concealers, lipsticks etc etc, or a mixture of the lot (which would be perfect for travelling with!). I opted for a 5 pan eyeshadow palette to ease me in nicely with the brand. I believe this should have been around £29 and with my discount it was near the £23 mark. Not bad considering this would set you back £50+ in Mac. I’ve popped the shades on the pans up top as they don’t have names, but I mostly went for a purple hued neutrals palette – perfect for bridal or everyday wear.


These shadows are gorgeous and buttery. They are beautiful and so easy to blend, as well as having amazing pigmentation and sheen to the frostier shades. They also have great lasting power which is something I struggle with when it comes to shadow, on my oilier-than-your-average eyelids. I’m totally impressed by the quality and size and will be going back asap to pick up a bigger palette. There’s a hugeeee range of shades and finishes to choose from – next on my list is a copper/amber palette, as well as some bright mattes for fashion work.


I hope to do a tutorial with my new palette soon so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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