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chanel vitalumiere

Being a self confessed foundation junkie, I am forever hunting down the holy grail, and as a make up artist, I am always on the look out for a nice selection of products in my kit – matte, satin, dewy, sheer, you name it. In a recent quest for a new dewy kit foundation, I went on a sample spree. The first counter I hit was Chanel – a brand I’ve only ever sampled and never purchased a foundation from. I’d spoken to fellow MUA’s and had a whole mixture of recommendations from them,  and the biggest debate was Vitalumiere, or Vitalumiere Aqua? (Dun dun dunnnnnnn). I got a sample of both and set them to work…


Vitalumiere Satin Smoothing Fluid Make Up


The original Vitalumiere is all about reviving tired, dull skin. The name, oddly, is Romanian meaning ‘refill’ which I guess can be loosely linked to ‘revive’. It claims to contain moisturisers to give comfort of wear, give a luminosity back to dull skin with a satin, youthful and radiant finish.


My first impression of this foundation was that it applied like a dream. Silky and satin-y it spread over my skin perfectly, buffed in and instantly perfected my skin. I needed little concealer and although I felt like I had a good medium coverage, I didn’t feel cakey or overly made up. It needed powdering down on my oily skin but it powdered to a nice finish.


As the day went on, the foundation did deteriorate from it’s lovely glowy beginning. After 3/4 hours it was peaking, but within 6/7 hours the moisturisers had sunken into the more dehydrated patches of my skin leaving the foundation patchy around the brows and lower cheeks. On washing my face at night there was little foundation left.


Vitalumiere AquaUltra Light Skin Perfecting Make Up


It’s interesting to note that no where do Chanel make a connection between these two foundations. Vitalumiere Aqua is a make up in it’s own right, not heralded as a spin off from the original. It is designed to be no fuss make up – an ultra fine texture which leaves a second skin feeling.


Again, this foundation applied in a lovely manner – it’s consistency was slightly more runny than Vitalumiere. The immediate finish was much fresher – the coverage was lighter and I needed a touch of concealer on the cheeks to cover redness. I felt much less made up in comparison and powdered as usual.


I found this foundation wore well throughout the day due to it’s light texture – there was no caking or patchiness. I was stunned to see a full flannel of foundation when I washed my face at the end of the day!


In Conclusion…


The toss up here is a difficult one. For my kit – I like the more medium coverage of Vitalumiere. It looks gorgeous when first applied, creating a flawless dewy base, and I imagine it would wear alot better on a less oily skin type throughout the day. For bridal, I would say it’s a good choice. Fresh but with a good amount of coverage. Vitalumiere Aqua for personal wear was more up my street as I enjoy a more ‘no make up’ feel for everyday – I don’t like to worry about what’s going on on my face whilst I’m busy. It’s light and easy but perhaps too light to warrant the money. I found the finish very similar to Mac’s Face & Body (which I have a ton of!) – I might just stick to my tinted moisturiser!


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