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Today is the last day of my 5 days away on the Isle Of Wight – just a short countryside break! I’ve actually put together a little video of our time here (up here on Sunday!), which consists of food, food and a dash of food, but I also got a few snaps so as I’m waiting for our final night’s dinner, I thought I’d upload them.


We’ve had a week of cake, coffee, seafood, drizzle, grey skies, short walks and have actually discovered what the Isle Of Wight has to offer. Living just outside Southampton, the island is only an hour from me but I rarely visit (…which could be down to the expensive ferry fare). That said, it’s like a little land that time forgot, which is slowly picking itself up and heading into the 21st Century. We discovered cute cafes by the bucketload, and nowhere seems too busy, despite it being the school holidays. We stayed in Yarmouth in a small cottage, and managed to visit the Old Gaffers Festival this morning where I stuffed myself with fudge and the like. I won’t say much more about what we got up to because it’s all in my video, but the Isle Of Wight has definitely proved itself as a good little alternative to our usual West Country breaks!

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