beauty: no 7 luxurious foaming shower oil

no7 luxurious foaming shower oil


Sometimes, you just fancy a little bitta luxury. And when you’ve got 5 No7 £5 off vouchers lurking in your purse, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. I gave three vouchers away to a friend but I kept two for myself – one of which was spent on the most dire eyeshadow pencil in the world. But alas, I got lucky with my other purchase which just brings that tiny bit of ooh la la to your bathtime.


I’ve been lusting after the L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil for an age, but I’m not dropping minimum £17 on a fancy product to wash my body. When trying to decide what to spend my £5 voucher on (and scanning the shelves for an under £10 product!), I came across this little bottle of loveliness for £9.95. It contains Argon (same as Argan? Who knows) and Grapeseed Oils to give super soft skin, I thought it looked pretty similar to L’Occitane’s offering.


The scent is nothing over powering, very plain and soothing – not fresh or zesty. When applied to the skin, it almosts feels warm to the touch. As you smooth the product over the skin, it instantly changes to a light foaming texture but nothing too OTT. It feels soft and silky and super luxurious. When rinsed away your skin is instantly softer, and this is noticeable when the skin is both wet and dry.


Overall, I love this new low-end yet luxury product and think it’d make a great gift for someone!