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bareMinerals are probably a brand we’re all familiar with – mineral make up, right? But what do we really know about the products? Unless you’re an avid user (which alot of people I know are), I think the brand as a whole can be a bit baffling. I decided to delve into my stash and hook out what I think to be 4 key base products from bareMinerals and give them a bit of air time. An introduction if you will…


Original Foundation: First up, the original that everyone knows. A lightweight, mineral powder foundation. A firm fave with many women – those who prefer a lighter look, or perhaps those who are a bit older, it’s natural and undectable. It’s a loose powder, which you swirl onto a buffing brush of sorts (my choice is a denser brush than BM sell – the Sephora Mineral Powder Brush is fab), and buff onto the face. It’s very simple to use and gives a really gorgeous natural look. You almost can’t see it going onto the skin, which admittedly makes the first few applications quite tricky, but the overall result is gorgeous for those wanting a natural glowy foundation look. I recommend applying any cream or liquid concealers first.


Matte Foundation: Similar to the above, this is just a more matte version of the Original Foundation. For those with oilier skin. I believe the shade range not to be as broad and found ‘Light’ a little too yellow for me, but worth a look if you worry about oiliness of the skin. I use either and don’t notice too much difference.


Mineral Veil: I think this is a particular product that alot of people think ‘huh?’ to and overlook. A Mineral Veil is in essence a setting powder – to give the finishing touch to your make up. bareMineral’s comes in plenty of shades (I use transclucent) and formulas as you can buy it pressed too. It’s designed to give a gorgeous set sheen to your make up.


Warmth: Definitely not a product that sells itself well by it’s name but one I’ve touched on before. This is another loose powder product that is a warm, deep tan colour. This product can be used however you want but on the whole, it’s used like a bronzer – to warm up the face on the high points (cheekbones, temples, nose). It also makes a gorgeous crease shade on the eyes – very versatile!


bareMinerals is a gorgeous natural brand with lots of lovely unique products so it’s worth investigating them and spending some time at their counter. I love their lipglosses – they’re so minty and comfortable to wear!

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